THINKING, INVESTING AND MANAGING LIKE AN OWNER. This mindset sets Sterling Multifamily Trust apart from the risk-seekers captivated by Wall Street’s volatility or the spendthrifts who consume but don’t build wealth. Owners are patient and seek out real value in exchange for their hard-earned dollars. They don’t buy for the thrill. They see a purchase as the beginning of an investment, not the end-goal. Owners know growing the value of an asset requires constant focus and determined management that only commences once the deal closes. Being an owner means long-term commitment.

We’ve always believed in owning real estate: the land and the buildings on it. Real estate is special. You can touch it. It is real: dirt, trees, bricks and mortar; a far cry from securitized derivatives or debenture warrants. Not only does it have its own intrinsic value, but, when well-managed and maintained, produces steady and reliable income. 

These fundamental principles drive us forward and we feel fortunate our investors share these principals. The singleness of purpose among our investor-owners is unique and a key to our success. As each year passes, we continue to be thrilled to offer investors ownership in our Real Estate Investment Trust, allowing them to participate in quality investment real estate. Creating ownership opportunities, providing consistent and reliable returns, and serving investors are our goals and a source of pride for your Board of Trustees, Management, and all of Sterling's staff. 

Sterling Multifamily Trust's future is bright. Our public structure, strong financial position, well-managed properties and strong relationships, position us to capitalize on opportunities. Equally important, the loyalty and shared vision of our investor-owners inspires and empowers us to stay the course, hold to our investment principals and grow with discipline and confidence. 

When you strip away all the numbers and details it boils down to this: we continue to add quality properties to our portfolio at an excellent price; and are hard at work managing and growing their income-producing capacities. 

Why? Because it’s what owners, like you, would do. Thank you again for your investment, loyalty and support.

Furness Signature
Bruce Furness
Chairman of the Board